The Greenhorn Knitter

Last Christmas my fiance gave me a hank of yarn and a pair of bamboo knitting needles. The cutest thing about the gift was that it was packed snugly in a large Slurpee cup with a dome lid-needles sticking through the hole. The label read “Passion Fruit Scarf.” Little did he or I know that that Slurpee of yarn would turn me into a full fledged knitter! I am a teacher, so hobbies are great for relieving the stress of the day-to-day. Knitting is therapeutic and gives satisfaction to boot! I never finished the scarf, but the yarn was put to good use! I worked different patterns and unknit and continued until the yarn was fuzzy and not so “fruity” as before. It was my rough draft. Now I have three scarves completed in different patterns! Such a great feeling!

I started this blog because I wanted to share my new creations. I am still starting out and have a very small repertoire of completed projects, however I would like to create a forum for green knitters just like me, as well as experienced knitters, where new ideas, old ideas, questions, and stories can be posted. As I knit up new projects (tackling a chunky ribbed beret next) I will post them. Tell me what you think, lend advice, and post links to your own creations. I can’t wait to share!

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