Nap-time Knits

Ahhhh, the beautiful moment when you close the door to your little one’s room, step into the light shining through the windows, and come to the realization that for the next hour or two (or less) you are your own person.  Unless you have other pressing obligations (like in my case, homework for my Master’s program), it is the perfect time for mindless knitting.  I mean mindless in the sense that you can just cast-on, knit, cast-off and have something perfectly pretty, useful, or just simple and cozy, that didn’t require a lot of squinting at charts or endless counting.  These kinds of knits allow us to sit in peace and drift.

This segment is devoted to just this kind of knit.  Here I will curate some great pieces that can be worked up relatively quickly and without too much thought.  Perfect for nap-time!


Grandmother’s Favorite Washcloth:  An automatic first for this segment.  This pattern is timeless, fully customizeable depending on whether or not you want a dishcloth or dishtowel, and if your really feeling enthusiastic, can be patched together into a knit “granny square” like blanket.  Just perfect for grab and go knitting.


The Sundew Hat from Americo Original:  This hat is classic, comfortable, and super on trend right now.  I picture it in a pretty burnt orange alpaca.  Mmmmmm…just scrumptious.


The Stylish Square:  This blanket will provide you with simple knitting pleasure for days and days.  A great go-to knitting therapy project.  Feeling a little anxious?  Grab the blanket and work a few rows.  It’ll be there for you; snuggling you and warming your soul every stitch of the way.

Here’s to nap-time, and knitting!  Here’s to nap-time knitting!


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