some good stuff

I am really sort of obsessed with “supplies”.  Office supplies, cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, baby supplies, gardening supplies, cooking supplies, KNITTING SUPPLIES, craft supplies…you name it, I love the supplies for it.  I don’t even work in an office and I can spend lots of time rummaging through an Office Depot.  Or cleaning supplies.  Like who wants to spend time checking out cleaning supplies? I do!

Needless to say, I get all goose-bumpy thinking about cool new knitting and craft supplies, so here are a few nifty needle art knick-knacks that you might also find noteworthy.  (See what I did there?)

  1.  The Yarn Buddie yarn ball holder ($32): Because it’s never fun chasing after your cat who has successfully tackled your yarn and is carrying it off into the sunset to do God-knows-what to it.
  2. The Knitter’s Notebook ($14): Everything you need to sketch out designs and take solid notes throughout the process.
  3. This tutorial from Primitive Spirit demonstrates how to make one of the coolest, most helpful tools I’ve seen in a while!  No more buggy eyes when reading charts and pattern repeats.

Happy knitting!



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