Greenhorn Tip # 14: Insurance Yarn and Star Stitch Tutorial

One of my most recent FOs was a hat from issue 121 of Knit Today called “Star Player”.  It is the perfect slouchy hat, shown knit with the nicest single ply merino.  I was looking for a good way to use some of the yarn I had left from my improvised sweater knit, and this just seemed perfect.  However, my eyes deceived me and I needed to employ some insurance yarn, yarn of a similar size and weight that can come in in the clutch and save a WIP before it’s doomed to wander WIP Purgatory forever–and it also adds a little multi-color spice to the work!

Lucky for me, the yarn I chose went so well with the sweater yarn, that I found a new favorite color combination!  I have a whole post dedicated to this hat coming soon.  Here’s a preview of the hat:



In the meantime, here is a tutorial on the “star stitch”.  Enjoy



Happy knitting!



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