The Nap…and a WIP


The Nap

(to the meter of Edgar A. Poe’s The Raven)

by Tayler Earl

The Greenhorn Knitter


Once upon a Tuesday early, with a WIP finished nearly;

Under many a soft and snugly throw knitted once before;

While I stitched, needles tapping, suddenly there came a slapping;

As of little hands faintly clapping, applauding my work; a wooly chore;

“But it can’t be the boy,” I gasped, “clapping, clapping, as if for more.”

He only went down one hour before…


Ah, now I do remember, as I wrap yarn up and under,

Of the interrupted slumber of a babe with gums so sore;

Anxiously, my brow did furrow, thinking of chances-so narrow-;

That my napping boy, not so full of sorrow, may borrow just a few winks more;

For this sock I am knitting, heel turned and almost fitting, needs just a few inches more;

For, he just went down one hour before!


And his sleepy, drab, and dreary bustling, of which I was certain

Will’d me-filled me with such urgency felt after naps before;

So that now, to fill my empty, wanting mug, I stood pouring

“It is one more cup of hot coffee before I open his bedroom door-

Just one more cup to warm me before approaching his bedroom door;-

That is all and nothing more.”


And now my will grew stronger; my knitting in my hands no longer,

“Aengus,” I said, “Little one, surely you’re up and ready to explore,

You see, I was knitting, and so calmly was I stitching,

When you started slapping or simply clapping-to alert me, I’m sure

That I nearly startled when I heard you” –and then I opened wide the door;–

A sleeping babe, curled and warm, and nothing more-


for he just went down one hour before.



And now for a quick shot of my current WIP, the Hepburn Pullover:


Also featuring my new Field Bag by Fringe Supply Co.

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