Process Knitting(and how I sometimes{read most of the time} don’t knit a whole gauge swatch).

Ok.  Yes.  I admit it.  *I don’t always swatch.  I mean I guess you could say I “check”.  (Pssst…sometimes I don’t even “check”.  I just cast on to that bad boy and take off.  It really hasn’t blown up in my face…..yet.) I cast on the number of stitches in the gauge recommendations, knit a few rows, measure the stitch gauge, and you know the rest.  If it works out, I get going with the project.  If not, I adjust.  And I’m completely OK with this.


Because it means I can get knitting sooner and begin reaping all of the therapeutic benefits of this craft.

To me, there is so much to this craft-other than the project-that makes it valuable.  Sure, I knit for the FO, but I think there are a lot of times when I knit for the process.  Kristin, over at Voolenvine Yarns, talks about this in her podcast, Yarngasm.  She discusses the difference between process knitting and project knitting and I fully agree with her take on the matter.  She uses the Doodler by Stephen West as an example of a process knit.  This shawl is amazing, and the colorway of the yarn she uses really makes it lovely (she uses her own hand-dyed yarn, btw), but I can see where something like this-something so out there and unique-would make for a real diverting knitting experience.  One that keeps our interest and promotes mindfulness.  In truth, these are the knits I love the best.  The FO is really the bonus.

And my hasty gauging?  It just sets the easygoing tone for the whole thing.  It’s like kicking off your shoes before walking into the sand.

Cheers friends.


*If I’m writing a pattern, I swatch for sure.






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