On the Needles…

I need to take a moment to take stock of what I’m working on and why I consider it a priority right now.  The last several days (like a week) have found me moping around the apartment during Aengus’s naptimes trying to figure out what it is that I need to be doing between my Master’s coursework, housework, blogging, knitting, lesson planning for tutoring, what have you.  All of this, so I’m not neglecting anything for the sake of something else less important.

And let me tell you, this is no way to mope.  Really.  If you try to sort out everything so that nothing is neglected, you will end up a beaten and conquered puddle on the floor of your living room, sobbing into a pile of unfolded laundry because IT is the only obvious and readily available thing you need to do.  Because we need to feel success.

Even if it means folding the laundry.

Or acknowledging that laundry needs to be folded…

I digress…

So some things I’m working on…

A new improvised color-block tank design made from my stashed Ella Rae Latte 

I’m really loving the Fashionary Sketchbook!
I also have the Latte in this lovely blue which I plan to use for a big color-block at the top of the tank.
I’m playing around with the waist shaping.  When this is on, it stretches ever-so-slightly and looks lovely.

I’m also finishing up the second sleeve of my Hepburn Pullover.  I have SSS really badly right now and feel like this is taking me forever.

sleeve (1 of 1)

I have a few other things on the needles right now, but these two WIPs are taking up most of my knitting energy at the moment.  When these are finished, I’ll revisit my other WIPs.  They need love too.


Happy knitting!

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