I have the need….the need for speed.

I’ve found that I can no longer rely on the poetic excuses of “calmness in the rhythm” or “throwing the yarn relaxes me” to justify the fact that my method for knitting is slow-as-hell.  I’ve seen far too many videos on Instagram of knitters flying through stitches in an almost mesmerizing blur to convince me that, even though “no method is the wrong method as long you’re enjoying the process”, my method is the wrong method.  I need to fly through stitches with the greatest of ease because I have big plans and a huge queue that isn’t going to knit itself.

Enter, speed knitting.

I found this video on YouTube that showed how to “speed knit” and I was instantly hooked.

No more letting go of the working needle, no more throwing the yarn, no more switching yarn positions to purl (or knit).  This method is pretty much seamless.  And that is what I need.

But hear this now, there is a learning curve so don’t expect to be whipping out cardigans in record time right away.  Patient, you must be.


Here is a glimpse into my learning curve…(this is not a tutorial.  just me sharing a little knitting..)











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